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Catsignal Turns 3

This is Catsignal’s third birthday. What we need to really make this a party is more people. If you enjoy reading Catsignal, tell a few of your friends how much fun we have here. Join the discussions and comment on everything in sight.

If you’re new here, you’ve got three years’ worth of archives to catch up on: that’s more than 150 short stories, more than 150 haiku, and a few dozen each of essays and quotations about writers and writing. That ought to keep you off the streets and entertained for a while.

And thank you for being here.


Catsignal Turns 2

Catsignal is two years old today. Like any toddler, it has its ups and downs, its little successes and its little failures. But I’m pleased to still be doing this after two years and to still be enjoying myself.

I hope you’ll help me celebrate by telling someone — a friend, a family member, a word-loving acquaintance — about Catsignal. Now that I have stuff here to read, I’d like to know that more people are reading it. Comments on what works and what doesn’t work in a particular haiku or story are always welcome.

And now, we join our regularly scheduled haiku, already in progress.