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Fiction: Paying the Price

Lon heard a knock on his door. That was cause for concern; he had no friends, and the Girl Scouts and Jehovah’s Witnesses had better sense than to visit his neighborhood.

Still, it was a knock; someone had manners enough for that rather than to knock down the door – or make a new one. So maybe this wouldn’t end fatally.

He threw back three deadbolts and opened the door. Sonia was there, and Jerzy loomed behind her. He stepped back to let them into his little house. Jerzy closed the door.

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Fiction: Playing for Keeps

“Two million dollars,” Fisher said, handing over the backpacks.

“Briefcases are traditional,” Panchera said, frowning.

“I had backpacks.”

Fisher waited with forced patience as Panchera unzipped the overstuffed purple backpack and checked the stacks of currency. One of his men opened the orange backpack and did the same.

“While you’re counting to two million,” Fisher said, “maybe you could bring my sister out.”

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