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Pen to Paper: The Isolating Storm

You’ve seen this exchange in movies and TV shows and plays and you’ve read it in books and short stories:

“Oh! Cuthbert!” Margareta exclaimed. “We need help! Quickly! Telephone the authorities!”

“Please, my dear; despite the dreadful circumstances, you must try to calm yourself. Calling the police is exactly what I was about to do.” Cuthbert picked up the handset and listened for the dial tone, but only silence greeted his eagerly waiting ear. He flicked the hook several times in rapid succession but failed utterly to establish a connection. He slowly, deliberately replaced the handset on its cradle. “The storm has knocked out the lines,” he reported grimly. “We’re completely cut off from the outside world.”

The lightning flashed and the thunder crashed as if to underscore Cuthbert’s announcement.

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OT: All Things in Moderation

The spam brigade is out in force at present, despite the countermeasures I’ve taken. Thus, I’ve changed Catsignal’s comment settings; I have to approve all comments before they’ll show up. That’s why you’re not getting the instant gratification of seeing your comment post (unless you already have an approved comment posted), and that’s why I’m having to log in to check under the hood more frequently than I have been or care to. I think (today, at least) this is a better system than asking people to register before commenting.

To Catsignal’s friends: Please don’t let this deter you from commenting. I enjoy hearing from you.

To the spammers: You’re not going to get what you want, so go the hell away. This includes the morons who make half-hearted comments for the purpose of linking to their own sites. No one will know you were here but me, and I get to play whack-a-mole with you.